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Are You A Victim Of Emotional Infidelity?

Posted by familydynamics on December 28, 2007

According to an on-going poll of over 1,000 women conducted by, about 51 percent of women believed that viewing porn was emotional cheating. In a similar WomanSaver’s poll, 63 percent of all women felt that online affairs constituted infidelity. The main difference between physical infidelity and emotional infidelity is physical contact.

Physical infidelity involves people meeting directly and then engaging in physical intimacy. Emotional infidelity can occur in distant locations with absolutely no physical contact occurring. The primary difference between traditional cheating and emotional infidelity is actual, physical contact. With emotional infidelity, there may be a meeting, but it can occur on a cell phone or a computer.

Some people who emotionally cheat don’t consider the act to be a true form of infidelity because there is no physical contact. Others see no difference between physical and emotional infidelity because emotional infidelity has the same basic behavioral actions as traditional infidelity.

Do you believe there is a difference between physical and emotional infidelity?


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