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How Would You React To A Home Burglar?

Posted by familydynamics on January 13, 2008

Home burglaries are on the rise and some burglars get off with a light sentence. These burglars rob us all of our sense of security as well as causing us great financial loss. But what would you do if a burglar invaded your home while you were sleeping? One Richmond, Virginia family was faced with such a dilemma:

Residents in one Richmond neighborhood may have a tough time sleeping tonight after hearing about that deadly home invasion.

Police say 28 year-old Jevon Eugene Woolridge broke into a home in the 700 block of North 32nd Street Friday night.

Police say he had a gun, and after a struggle one of the residents ended up killing the robber.

The burglar, in this case, paid a hefty price: his life. Burglars should realize all of the harm they cause: They not only harm the individual they burglarized, but society as well.


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