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Domestic Violence Bills Passes With Unanimous Vote

Posted by familydynamics on January 16, 2008

There is good news for Wisconsin residence who may find themselves in an abusive relationship. Two bills have recently been passed that will aid those victims in receiving the help they need:

The Safe Housing Act, SB 269, will allow victims to terminate leases if they are in imminent physical danger and have legal documentation, such as a domestic abuse injunction. The bill will also void leases that punish tenants for seeking the help of law enforcement, health, or safety services (for example, by increasing rent or decreasing services). It will remove one of the many economic barriers that make it more difficult for victims to leave abusive relationships.

The Strangulation Prevention Enforcement Act, AB 499, will give law enforcement better guidance to adequately handle the severity and danger of strangulation for victims. It will also make the crime of strangulation a felony. The bill will be a powerful tool for intervening in a potentially lethal form of domestic violence and prevent it from intensifying.

Let’s hope more states take note and help make it easier for domestic violence victims to leave their abusers.


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