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Center Offers Hope To Domestic Violence Victims

Posted by familydynamics on January 24, 2008

The Center for Women and Families (CWF), in Connecticut offers a safe house to shelter abused single women, mothers and children at an undisclosed location. The center then attempts to resolve the problems with a multi-pronged effort that includes filing charges against the alleged abusers, and providing counseling, advocacy and support for the victims.

The center has four staffers who assist the 3,000 clients per year as their cases wind their way through the judicial system. “That’s our biggest and saddest program,” said Tanya Grant. “The criminal court on Golden Hill Street is a scary place to be,” she said, but she added that “it’s in court where the offender is truly held accountable for his actions.”

CWF President and CEO Deborah Greenwood said the center, with an annual budget of $2.8 million and 50 full- and part-time employees, gets only one-third of its budget from the state. Of the remainder, half comes from foundations and the other half is from direct private donations and fundraisers.


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