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Unprecedented Lawsuit May Shed Light On Protective Order Enforcement

Posted by familydynamics on January 27, 2008

In an unprecedented lawsuit being followed by domestic violence advocates across the state, Vernetta Cockerham-Ellerbee is blaming her hometown police department — officers to whom she once sold coffee at a local market — for broken promises that cost her daughter’s life and shattered her own.If she prevails, Cockerham-Ellerbee’s case will likely force officers in North Carolina to more vigilantly monitor abusers ordered to stay away from their partners.

Judges and juries in other states have been asked the same question Cockerham-Ellerbee poses: If police fail to vigilantly enforce a protective order, can they be liable for what happens to a victim? Cockerham-Ellerbee’s case is the first expected to solicit an answer in North Carolina courts. She hopes a Yadkin County jury will hear her case within a year.


One Response to “Unprecedented Lawsuit May Shed Light On Protective Order Enforcement”

  1. The problem here is that the police did NOT even try to protect her. Richard Ellerbee had 5 arrest warrants against him and also Vernetta had a continuous Domestic Violence Protective order in place for 6 months! One week before the murder she reported that he broke into her home, stole her family heirlooms and left a note in place of it stating “I will Kill You, You Will Die! The day before she screamed up and down and the police said they would arrest tonight, so rest easy we will get him…..and they deny telling her that in their depositions. We are reaching out to the Nation for help and support to make this NC Landmark Case mean something. Visit and send it to everyone you know>

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