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Malaysian Police Bust Foreign Prostitution Ring

Posted by familydynamics on March 18, 2008

Malaysian police detained three Indonesian women believed to be involved in a prostitution ring providing sexual services to foreign workers in nearby factories.

After receiving a tip, police raided a house used as a brothel late Sunday in the southern state of Johor and arrested the women along with 11 Nepalese and Bangladeshi men, believed to be clients.

Initial investigations revealed that the syndicate had been in operation for a few weeks, adding that the prostitutes had entered the country with valid passports and social visit passes.


One Response to “Malaysian Police Bust Foreign Prostitution Ring”

  1. davbaye said

    You should read the essay on prostitution “A She-Savior” by the well-known Russian author Mikhail Armalinsky. It was published in Moscow edition of his Selected Works
    I will be happy to send you the text as attachment or here is the link:

    The main idea of the essay “A She-Savior” is that the legalization of prostitution must be based on a return of its divine, sacred character, so that prostitution will be considered the most honorable profession, the one closest to God, the holiest.

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