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Canada Establishes Tighter Rules For Fighting Moneylaundering

Posted by familydynamics on June 19, 2008

Drug dealers and other criminals will have a tougher time disposing of their ill-gotten gains as new federal anti-money laundering legislation cracks down on real estate purchases and currency exchange operations and adds other rules aimed at hindering disposing of large amounts of cash.

Under the new law real estate agents will have to take more steps to ensure they know who they are dealing with. They will also need to keep the information identifying their client for five years.


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Watch Out For Cyber Predators

Posted by familydynamics on May 12, 2008

Last year, the European Union (EU) launched a survey on Internet usage and mobile phones under the EU’s Safer Internet Programme. The Eurobarometer’s qualitative survey spanned across 29 countries and was conducted between March to May 2007.

The survey interviewed children between the ages of 9 and 14 from all 27 EU member states. They were asked in-depth questions on their usage of the Internet, and how they would react to problems and risks when using the Internet and mobile phones.

According to the EU’s press release posted on their website, the survey results highlighted the need for proactive online media education, especially on the opportunities and risks posed by the Internet. Many children who were interviewed revealed experiences that could make any parents’ blood turn cold, which includes a “teen” arranging a meeting with a 12-year-old cyber-friend.

The “teen” turned out to be a 44-year-old man. European Commissioner for Information Society and Media Viviane Reding said where the security of the children is at stake, there can be no room for complacency.

She added that it is also important to continue raising awareness on the opportunities and risks of new media, especially among parents. As the Internet provides a worldwide link, the risks posed by cyber predators are not limited by borders.

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North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence Views On Fetal Homicide Law

Posted by familydynamics on February 14, 2008

The North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence opposes the creation of a separate crime for the murder of a fetus when a pregnant woman is killed.

Among its reasons:

  • Existing North Carolina law addresses injury to a pregnant woman (NCGS 14-18.2), and NCCADV supports the use of this law, as well as the use of existing aggravating factors in North Carolina sentencing laws, to prosecute the murder of a pregnant woman rather than charging a separate crime.
  • The domestic violence community is concerned that this legislation could lead to holding a pregnant victim of domestic violence responsible for the death of her child because she did not “protect” her unborn child from a batterer.
  • NCCADV wants to ensure that the focus of a prosecution for death of a pregnant woman remains on the death of the woman.
  • Fetal murder bills do not assist domestic violence victims because they do not address the cause or incidence of domestic violence in which the offender’s objective is to maintain power and control over the victim.
  • Fetal murder bills do not recognize the injury to the woman as the root of the injury to the fetus.
  • NCCADV supports the position paper of the National Network to End Domestic Violence regarding the Unborn Victims of Violence Act.
  • Statistics indicate that 25 percent to 45 percent of all women who are battered are battered during pregnancy (March of Dimes). NCCADV works to protect all victims of domestic violence, including a fetus.

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Australian Domestic Violence Advocates Say Tougher Stance Needed To Combat Domestic Abuse

Posted by familydynamics on January 31, 2008

In the wake of revelations that former AFL footballer Wayne Carey has been charged for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend in Florida, anti-violence groups say the public needs to take a stronger stand against domestic violence.

Domestic Violence and Incest Resource Centre training coordinator Margot Scott said there had been a considerable shift in public attitudes towards family violence in the last 20 years. She said a study undertaken in 1987 showed 20% of people thought physical violence was acceptable in some circumstances, but a more recent study in 1995 showed this number had substantially decreased.  She said Australians sporting codes had overlooked derogatory attitudes towards women in the past but were now trying to address the issue. “They are saying this isn’t on. We don’t care if you’re a gold medal winner, we don’t condone this behaviour.” The more the public say this the less likely it will continue.”

If you need to talk to someone about family violence you can call the Women’s Domestic Violence Crisis Service on 1800 015 188 or the Men’s Referral Service on 1800 905 973.

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Drug Addicts Get ‘Cold Turkey’ Compensation

Posted by familydynamics on January 20, 2008

Do you think that a drug addict should be compensated because he/she had to go cold turkey while in prison? Well, that is exactly what is going on in Wales:

Thousands of pounds is being paid out in compensation to drug addict prisoners being forced to go cold turkey in Welsh jails, a Wales on Sunday investigation has revealed.

While many victims of crime receive paltry sums in compensation after the turmoil they have been through, the Prison Service is being forced to pay out to jailbirds having to go without drugs.

It followed claims the practice amounts to assault and a breach of human rights.

Almost £11,500 was paid out to three drug addicts in Cardiff and Parc prisons in the past year alone.

The sum paid to addicts was part of more than £50,000 paid out in compensation to prisoners in Welsh jails last year for a number of reasons.

The Ministry of Justice said they had to settle a number of compensation claims for prisoners due to “the way they went through detox”.

But the payouts have been fiercely criticised, with one MP describing it as “a lose-lose situation for the taxpayer”.

What do you think?

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Domestic Violence Abusers Want Control And Power

Posted by familydynamics on January 18, 2008

Control & Power

According to domestic violence experts, those are the two things abusers wield over their victims.

Diane Bedrosian, executive director with South Suburban Family Shelter, said “the fear of losing someone or something” is what usually provokes the violence.

Bedrosian said women looking to end an abusive relationship are encouraged to first consult a domestic violence agency. “Most women are killed while in the process of leaving their spouse or boyfriend,” she said.South Suburban Family Shelter is a Homewood-based agency that provides services to victims of domestic violence.

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How Would You React To A Home Burglar?

Posted by familydynamics on January 13, 2008

Home burglaries are on the rise and some burglars get off with a light sentence. These burglars rob us all of our sense of security as well as causing us great financial loss. But what would you do if a burglar invaded your home while you were sleeping? One Richmond, Virginia family was faced with such a dilemma:

Residents in one Richmond neighborhood may have a tough time sleeping tonight after hearing about that deadly home invasion.

Police say 28 year-old Jevon Eugene Woolridge broke into a home in the 700 block of North 32nd Street Friday night.

Police say he had a gun, and after a struggle one of the residents ended up killing the robber.

The burglar, in this case, paid a hefty price: his life. Burglars should realize all of the harm they cause: They not only harm the individual they burglarized, but society as well.

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NSW Revamps Sentencing Guidelines

Posted by familydynamics on January 10, 2008

We have all heard the stories about how dangerous criminals were allowed back on the streets after reaching a plea agreement.  Well, Australian officials are trying to remedy that:

Attorney-General John Hatzistergos has asked the NSW Sentencing Council to review plea bargaining and a number of other issues relating to how reductions in sentences are determined.

“While reduced sentences for guilty pleas have a part to play in the justice system, it is important they are applied consistently and in accordance with clear principles,” Mr Hatzistergos said in a statement today.

“This review is in response to police and community expectations and concerns for greater accountability regarding sentence discounts.”

Anger over sentence discounting reached boiling point last month when John Taufahema was sentenced to a minimum seven years jail over the 2002 shooting of Senior Constable Glenn McEnallay.

Police and Senior Constable McEnallay’s family argued Taufahema was essentially rewarded for pleading guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter to save his own neck.

Should guidelines be determined before someone is allowed to plea bargain in a criminal case?

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Grand Jury Probes Myspace Suicide

Posted by familydynamics on January 9, 2008

A federal grand jury has issued a subpoena to in a probe stemming from the suicide of a Missouri teenager who received cruel messages on the networking site that turned out to be a hoax, a newspaper reported.

Federal prosecutors are considering charging a mother in the girl’s neighborhood with defrauding MySpace by creating a false account that she, her daughter and a teenage employee used to fool 13-year-old Megan Meier into believing she was communicating with a 16-year-old boy, the Los Angeles Times said Tuesday on its Web site, citing unidentified sources.

Should others, who create false accounts on Myspace, face the same charges?

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Internet Becomes Haven For Prostitution

Posted by familydynamics on January 3, 2008

They are among a growing number of women and men who solicit prostitution using vague language and explicit pictures on Craigslist, an easy and free venue for ordinary people to advertise on.

The increasing use of the Internet among prostitutes is changing the world’s oldest profession, say people who study sexual relationships. It’s moved prostitution from the street, attracted a more sophisticated clientele and raised new questions about the danger this method of prostitution brings to society.

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