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Grand Jury Probes Myspace Suicide

Posted by familydynamics on January 9, 2008

A federal grand jury has issued a subpoena to in a probe stemming from the suicide of a Missouri teenager who received cruel messages on the networking site that turned out to be a hoax, a newspaper reported.

Federal prosecutors are considering charging a mother in the girl’s neighborhood with defrauding MySpace by creating a false account that she, her daughter and a teenage employee used to fool 13-year-old Megan Meier into believing she was communicating with a 16-year-old boy, the Los Angeles Times said Tuesday on its Web site, citing unidentified sources.

Should others, who create false accounts on Myspace, face the same charges?


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Online Love Triangle Leads To Murder

Posted by familydynamics on November 29, 2007

There has been so much media attention, centered around keeping our children safe from online predators. There has also been countless stories of people being murdered or scammed by someone they met online. The following story, however, gives new meaning to what happens when a delusional individual goes online:

Dan Barrett, second from right, of Lockport, stands with his son, Daniel, during a sentencing hearing for Thomas Montgomery, seated, in the white shirt. Montgomery received a 20-year prison sentence in the murder of Barrett’s son, Brian, last year.


A 48-year-old man caught up in an internet love triangle was sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing his rival after being dumped by the woman they both competed for.

Thomas Montgomery of Cheektowaga, New York, pleaded guilty in August to the shooting death of 22-year-old Brian Barrett while he sat in a pickup truck shortly after work ended.

Montgomery had passed himself off as an 18-year-old Marine in online chats with a middle-aged West Virginia mother, identified as Mary Sheiler. Never mind that the woman herself posed as an 18-year-old student by using photos of her daughter. When she learned the truth about Montgomery, their online romance cooled and she turned her attention to Barrett.

Montgomery began chatting with the woman, identified in court as Mary Sheiler, in 2005. Occasionally, the woman would mail packages to his home. When one of the packages was intercepted by Montgomery’s wife, she wrote back, telling Sheiler her husband’s true age and saying he was married.

Barrett, whom Montgomery had mentioned in his exchanges, was drawn into the triangle after the woman contacted him online to confirm what she had been told by Montgomery’s wife.

Justice Penny Wolfgang called the situation a “consequence of misuse of the Internet.”

“Consequence of misuse of the Internet”, are you kidding? Since when should the punishment for “misuse of the internet” lead to death?

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New Orleans Criminal Sheriff Overcharged The City

Posted by familydynamics on November 22, 2007

The Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff’s Office overcharged the city of New Orleans almost $2 million for inmates who actually were in the custody of the federal government and were already being paid for by the U.S. Marshal’s Service or Immigration and Custom Enforcement, Sheriff Marlin Gusman acknowledged Wednesday.

The Sheriff’s Office said it refunded the money Wednesday.

The double billing began after Hurricane Katrina, in November 2005, when Gusman began booking federal inmates brought into Orleans Parish Prison at Central Lockup, the same place as anyone else arrested in New Orleans, said Renee Lapeyrolerie, a spokeswoman for Gusman. The disclosure marks the second major double-billing problem Gusman has acknowledged this month. He blamed both on problems with the computerized inventory of the inmates housed at the city’s jail facilities.

Before the storm destroyed many of the jail buildings, the Sheriff’s Office maintained separate booking and billing programs for federal and city inmates.

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